tomodatiがニューシングル 「Just feel it」をデジタルリリースいたしました

tomodati-Just feel it

◆7/23(木)「Just feel it」デジタルリリース!




ミックス/マスタリング/サウンドメイキングとして、SIRUPをはじめ様々なアーティストとのコラボレーション作品をリリースしている新進気鋭のトラックメイカーpavilion xoolが参加。


How will we live in 2020 in a world facing a major crisis?
This is an ambitious work with a strong message of moving forward with facing the sorrows and prayers of the people.

This song is full of euphoria, with a sound reminiscent of 80s electro-pop and synthwave, with the addition of chill elements and a pop music feel.

Up-and-coming soundmaker “pavilion xool”, who has collaborated with various artists including SIRUP, participated in the mixing/mastering/sound-making process.

It’s a simple message, “just feel it”, that is thrown into a world rapidly expanding and increasingly complex today. A new-age anthem that encourages people to take the first steps and raise the banner for those who are thinking about their problems.