tomodatiがニューシングル You Just Like Meをデジタルリリースいたしました

tomodati-You Just Like Met

◆8/31(月)「You Just Like Me」デジタルリリース!


Just feel itに続く連続リリース第2弾。

今作はVJ sadakataがリードボーカル。ベースミュージックやトラップを下地に、トラックにtomodati印のポップテイストを大胆にミックス。強烈な重低音とsadakataならではのウィスパーボイスが合わさり、今までにない新たな化学反応を起こす。

ミックス・マスタリングには、中村むつおとかねてより親交のあるJIN DOGGなどのプロデューサーで知られる世界最強の低音職人ATSUKIを迎えた、キュート&バイオレンスの意欲作!

tomodati will be released the second single after ‘’Just feel it’’. The new single will be out on 31st of August.
VJ sadakata is the lead vocal for this work.

This single is mixed up Bass and Trap music with some flavor of Pop music which is signature sound of ‘’tomodati’’.

Deep and strong bass which is the sense of sadakata combined with sadakata’s unique whisper voice, you will feel new types of music or sounds.

The intense deep bass and whisper voice unique to sadakata combine to create a new chemical reaction.

Mixing and Mastering worked by ATSUKI who is a very successful HipHop beat maker and well known producer(working with such artists as JIN DOGG). He also has a close relationship with Mutsuko Nakamura(tomodati).

New KAWAII BASS coming soon!